The plant task of the campaign of 2013 is be based on the Pl@ntView dataset which focuses on 250 herb and tree species from France area. It contains 26077 pictures belonging each to one of the 2 following categories:
  • SheetAsBackground (42%): exclusively pictures of leaves in front of a uniform background produced with a scanner or a camera with a sheet.
  • NaturalBackground (58%): free natural photographs of different views on different subparts of a plant into the wild.
These 2 main categories can be subdivided into 2 and 5 sub-categories:
  • SheetAsBackground Scan (22%): scan of a single leaf.
  • SheetAsBackground Scan-like (22%): photograph of a single leaf in front of an uniform artificial background.
  • NaturalBackground Leaf (16%): photograph of one leaf directly on the plant.
  • NaturalBackground Flower (18%): photograph of one flower or a group of flowers.
  • NaturalBackground Fruit (8%): photograph of one fruit or a group of fruits.
  • NaturalBackground Stem (8%): photograph of the stalk, or a stipe, or the bark of the trunk.
  • NaturalBackground Entire (8%): photograph of the entire plant, from the floor to the top.

Another important additional information in the meta-data is IndividualPlantId, an unique identifier for one single individual plant observed by one same person the same day with the same device with the same lightening conditions. Each individual plant observed may thus be associated to several pictures.