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The herbarium of Vanuatu (PVNH), located at the Forestry Department (, houses a collection of about 20,000 specimens. The first specimens were gave in 1971 by the Royal Society - Percy Sladen expedition. The collections were made by different botanists of many countries around the globe. In the 1980s, ORSTOM (Office de la recherche scientifique et technique outre-mer, today named IRD: Institut de recherche pour le développement) then present in Vanuatu, formalises the organization of the herbarium. Management, while the herbarium has about 8000 specimens, was transferred to the Government of Vanuatu in 1988.
Approximately 12% of species are endemic (they are not naturally occurring in Vanuatu ), but this figure is steadily lowered. A unique endemic genus exists (Carpoxylon a palm) but not endemic family. 
A list of native and endemic species of the country is still at hand to be published.

List of taxa in the database (2015) : List of Taxa PVNH

The renovation of the herbarium of Vanuatu :

From 2012, France and New Caledonia have funded three projects to safeguard collections and scientific botanical knowledge in Vanuatu ( ). 

Early 2014, herbarium specimens were transferred to a new herbarium room equipped with appropriate equipment for their conservation. In addition a database named Vanuaflora, was designed with Pl@ntNote and populated from the old computer files.

Today the base Vanuaflora includes all data related to the national herbarium specimens as well as informations about vernacular name or recent pictures of plants.

This database is updated daily, this web site will be updated periodically

Use of data :

Please quote the Herbarium of Vanuatu (PVNH) when using data and send us works and publications concerned.

Partners of the PVNH herbarium and the forest department

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This website includes specimens of the herbarium of Vanuatu (PVNH) located in Port-Vila. It includes specimens identified at least at the genus level. Last update: 6 november 2015.